Dutch artist Prunk is very much part of the new breed. He grew up around classic house music and started collecting records before he was even a teenager. But rather than copying early inspirations like Mark Farina and Ian Pooley, he has learnt to speak his own musical language as both a DJ and a producer. This has made him a slow burning but now breakout talent who run his own influential PIV Records, and regularly appears on other vital outlets like King Street Sounds, Nervous Records, Defected and EWax. After more than a decade in the DJ game, Prunk has vast reserves of experience to draw on. Testament to his skill is the fact he is a resident for the widely admired Straf_Werk, and can also hold things down for 10 hours – as he did recently at Thuishaven – or represent on outlets like BBC1 and Ibiza radio.

Prunk is also a regular at DGTL, Awakenings and frequent headliner in the best clubs in Spain, Russia, Colombia, Monaco, Ibiza and many other places around the world. Next to all of this, Prunk has also founded and established his PIV Records label as a much loved crew of like minded artists with a close following of fans all over the world. The Ibiza residency at Cova Santa/Amnesia is the latest highlight for the brand. Mixing house history with innovation since day one!